Our main area of expertise is Garment Tech packs that are visually appealing and convey information in a quick and effective manner. We lay stress on both the aesthetics as well as technological compliance, keeping in mind the compatibility, colour schemes and optimization for production

What is a Design Sheet?

It is the first draft or a digital design representation of the chosen garment style and fabric color with the corporate branding-embroidery/print color, size and placement details. The design sheet is submitted for your approval of the visual appearance of your favorite work wear before we begin with the actual production process.

What is a Techpack?

Techpack or a garment specification sheet gives detailed information of the garment style, construction, size/ measurements, fabric/ trims used, print/ embroidery, labels & finishing techniques pertaining to that garment with illustrations, sketches & digital sample references wherever needed. This information is in turn used by the factory for developing the garment Pre-Production Sample.

Shown below are examples of Design Sheet & Techpack

What are the advantages of creating a Design Sheet and Techpack?

1. A visual representation of the garment through Design Sheet helps customers to co-design their preferred work-wear with us, as per their specific branding requirements

2. Complete freedom of customizing and altering the design, at the pre-production stage.

3. Complete control over product development enhancing the quality of the Garment

4. Re-Orders can be done without having to explain the Garment details to the factory again

How much we Charge for this service?

We charge a nominal fee for creating Design sheet or Tehcpack, however we will refund the fee if the customer decides to use our manufacturing service. Please contact us via our online enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss your requirement.



Our Design team can take your ideas forward and can present a professional representation through Techpack & Design Sheets