Our Screen Printing Service offers you with customized solutions tailored as per your Corporate Branding requirement of Size, Color & Placement. Screen Printing a.k.a. Silk Screen Printing is a 2000 years old Chinese process that has been revolutionized and modernized into Single Screen Printing & Rotary Screen Printing, as per the increasing market demand. It basically comprises of 3 components, viz, the woven mesh of Photosensitive Silk Screen Artwork Stencil, the Squeegee that pushes the Ink/ Color through the Screen on the Fabric and the Machine Base that hold the Fabric & the Screen Frame setup


The artwork, to be printed, is color separated & transferred on the silk screen by exposing the screen to light. The screen is then mounted on the garment substrate and the preferred color(s) is uniformly pushed through the screen with the help of a squeegee. A separate screen has to be made for every color used in the artwork; so no. of screens = no. of colors.After the paint is effectively transferred on the fabric, it’s then dried, cured & heat-set with the help of heat presses to make the design durable even after repetitive washes.Screen Printing is by far the most Industry Acclaimed printing process on Fabrics that produces vibrant & durable designs, on both light & dark fabrics


Printing Price

The Price for Print is calculated based on a maximum 3 colour print, size of the print and quantity requested.  Hence if you want to know the price for printing please feel free to select the product from our Product Library and use our Design Customization application to check the price for your printing requirement.


Alternatively if your Print requirement is more than 3 colours or if you need more information about our Printing Service,  use our quick enquiry form to submit your enquiry.  If your enquiry is about one of our product you can select the product from our library, add your printing requirement through our Design Customization module and Submit price quote request


High Quality Screen Printing Machines for Quality Prints that looks professional and are durable.