We take our product quality very seriously hence ensure a process of continuous development through Plan-Do-Check-Act for our Raw Materials, Printing & Embroidery Service, Internal Quality Checking & Quality Assurance Processes, till the Inspection of the Final Shipment following AQL 2.5% - 4%.

Raw Material Utility

All in-house Stock Fabric & Trims are pre-checked and tested for Shrinkage, Color/ Rubbing Fastness, Tear/ Breaking Strength & Other Defects. We believe in spreading our message of quality to our Vendors and Suppliers through Workshops and Seminars on Garment Quality

Vendors are rated based on their Product & Service Deliverables, this help in building our database of Reputed & Reliable vendors.

Printing & Embroidery Services

We have strong tie-ups with the Best in the Industry Screen Printers and Computerized Machine Embroiders who operate through the most advanced technologies to cater top notch Quality Products.

Internal Quality Checking & Quality Assurance

Our Internal Quality Team is always busy checking and testing the procured Raw Materials, In-line Products at the Factory & Finished Garments before the Shipment arrives at your doorstep. We follow stringent Garment Measurement Tolerances and Inspection Techniques as per the International Standards.

We monitor the performance of our Factory, Staff and Management based on set Quality Deliverables. This helps us in working towards establishing a Benchmark in Quality Standards.   


We take each Order as a Project & manage it through our cloud based CRM client. This assists us to effectively follow the order at every stage of Design, Development, Production & Delivery. We carefully assess the Bottlenecks if any and resolve it to ensure a smooth flow and Just In Time Delivery of the Final Products.

Each Products is Neatly Packed & Packaged as per your Requirement & Choice of Packing & Packaging. Packed Product Cartons are then delivered to your preferred location through our reliable Courier Services.

What is Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)

AQL is an inspection standard that helps us minimize the number of defective garments, through random sampling, from a given Lot Size.  In other words, AQL is the tolerated % of defective items in shipment batch.

Average defective item = No. of defective item found during inspection / Total no. of item inspection X 100

For our products, we follow AQL 2.5%





We use a minimum Quality Standard of AQL 2.5. This will mean that your Garments conforms to international standards.