Embroidery adds an embossed, lustrous & 3D effect done by repetitive needle work. Using embroidery for the purpose of Embellishing, Decorating or Branding on textile, clothing & accessories has become a mundane scene. In today’s commercial world, embroidery is generally done with the help of computer controlled embroidery machines that comprise of a fixed multi needle embroidery head & a frame that holds the article to be embroidered on.

Important check items when you provide Artwork for Embroidery to us.


1. Embroidery provides best results for LOGO and Text only, so please ensure uploaded artwork includes only logo or text.

2. Avoid small/tiny letters and designs

3. The designs/logo uploaded should have a resolution of 300 dpi.

4. Embroidery is only recommended for designs in solid colours.

4. We strongly recommend you to upload large and clear graphics as the embroidered design will be sewn with thread,.



We use a minimum Quality Standard of AQL 2.5. This will mean that your Garments conforms to international standards.