Customized embroidery is one of the best way to promote your business. Embroidered company logo or text gives your uniform a professional look and durability. Embroidered designs add quality to your garments and gives your business the uniqueness that is required to compete within your industry. We offer custom embroidery services in multi-colours with the help of our technologically advanced computerized embroidery machines & skilled operators. The design that is submitted by you is converted as Artwork with the help of a digitizing software that converts colours and patterns into a stitch file. The production time is significantly less and the quality of the embroidery is enhanced by using computerized embroidery machines. Be it a text, a corporate slogan or your company logo, we can provide the embroidery service on most of the garments. Our embroidery services are suitable for most of the industries like Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Corporates, Clubs etc

Embroidery Price

The Price for Embroidery depends on the size of the Embroidery and the quantity of Order.  The price is provided is assuming maximum 4 colours.  If you want to check Embroidery pricing, please feel free to select the product from our Product Library and use our Design Customization application to check the price for your embroidery requirement. Alternatively if your embroidery requirement is more than 4 colours or if you need more information about our Embroidery Service,  use our quick enquiry form to submit your enquiry.  If your enquiry is about one of our product you can select the product from our library, add your embroidery requirement through our Design Customization module and Submit price quote request.


We use computerized embroidery machines to provide quality output of text, slogan or logo on your garments.