The Custom Garment feature is our Co-design service that we cater to the clients in case you want to change the styling of any of product displayed in our website; making variations and style options in terms of Collar, Placket, Cuff, Sleeve and Color. This Co-design feature allows you co-create or refurbish your existing brand image as per the company’s vision & targeted market


A quick brief of our Manufacturing Process




Our customers can provide their garment requirement through two easy channels, Online Styles Customization or Online Enquiry Form:

Online Style Customization:

We provide Style Customization service in our website, this is a very straightforward process to select garment styles from our Product Library and choose various standard style

options to suit your brand requirement:

Check our Online Style Customization help video

Online Enquiry Form:

If you already have a Design Sheet And/Or Techpack, you may provide all necessary details through our online enquiry form, upload the necessary Design Sheet and/or Techpack

If you don’t have a ready Design Sheet or Techpack you may provide us your garment style idea as a rough sketch and give us a sample digital photo for our reference. If you

leave us with your contact details and a convenient date and time to contact you, we will contact you to understand your requirement better over the phone. Our team will be

able to guide you with the mandatory requirements that we need to create a design sheet or techpack for your brand

Please note that the Design Sheet and/or Techpack creation services will be charged if our garment manufacturing service is not used


Bulk Production is initiated as per the approved PP Sample and the agreed T&C with the customer.


The bulk garments are quality tested, Ironed and packed with the appropriate Labels and packing materials as per customer requirement.

The Goods are delivered to our customers via Land, Air or Sea based on the quantity of the garment, destination and the agreement with our customers.

1. A real physical sample Garment and/or the actual physical fabric sample would help our Technical Team to create a more accurate, detailed and realistic Design sheet and/or Techpack for your garment.

2. Always discuss your brand requirement over a call even if you have all the documentation with you. A quality one to one discussion is always effective than sharing documents through email. We are very serious about the finished product/services that we present to you as much as how you value your brand.



We use a minimum Quality Standard of AQL 2.5. This will mean that your Garments conforms to international standards.